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Lady Drinking Clean Water

Water is the only element that covers nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface area, of which only 2.5% is fresh and drinkable. Water is a natural resource that performs a significant role in the growth, development, and healing of humans, animals, and plants.

Water not only nourishes the body, but it also gives refreshment. There has been a significant number of diseases caused due to contaminated and dirty water as the hard water causes harm to the body, tampers with the workings of the body, and it even causes death sometimes. When it comes to water, the water that is fit for drinking is called soft water, the only type of water a person should drink is soft water as it consists of nutrients and minerals and is nearly free from any virus or sand or contaminants. The hard water, on the other hand, consists of soil particles, sand, dust, pollutants, viruses, or even many harmful bacteria that can affect the working of the body in many unspeakable ways.

To get the soft water these days, the water purifiers from Eureka Forbes service is getting popular. Water purifiers purify the water in many methods, such as RO and UV.


RO, which is the short form for reverse osmosis. In this process, the hard water, which is full of contaminants and sand particles and viruses, passes through a membrane to get filtered after which the contaminants get separated from the water, which is now 99% pure.

The Aquaguard RO Service is useful as it helps to separate dissolved contaminants and chemicals, making water safe for consumption, which reduces the risk of various waterborne diseases. And to ensure that the water is safe to drink from that 1% of impurity left, the purifiers are equipped with UV bulbs, which eliminate the microorganisms and other viruses that are present in the water. After these two processes, it gets fit for consumption and can be called soft water.

Fixation of Commercial Water Purifiers

These days, water supply in schools, colleges, offices, and workplaces are on a large scale as the population in these places have increased dramatically and got more day by day. The commercial RO water purifiers convert the hard water in the tanks to soft water, and the water becomes safe for consumption and other household uses. The containers that are fitted in school full of children contain harmful water, which can affect the health of small children and teenagers in many ways.

The commercial water filters are made durable such that the owner does not have to deal with the minor maintenance issues in day to day life. These help in purifying water, which is having high TDS. The maintenance cost and operating cost of these commercial RO systems are also economical, as this helps to reduce energy consumption significantly.

Role of Commercial Water Purifiers in the Country’s Economy

In a country where waterborne diseases are rife, something like a water filter has a significant impact on not just economic but social development too.

Having clean water is a fundamental human right. Still, due to increased costs and lack of funds and expenditures regarding this, a ton of remote areas in India don’t have access to clean drinking water and basic hygiene. It’s indeed agreeable that installing water purifiers can be costly, but for any household, clean water is as necessary as anything else, and you can never underestimate its needs. A sick population can never uplift an economy; the GDP is undeniably reducing. The aim of a country should be to create a productive labor force for which it is necessary that they stay healthy, hence considerable investments in this sector is the need for the hour.

How to Choose?

Contaminated water kills one person in every four hours while buying a water purifier doesn’t solve all the problems, you need to be smart to choose what’s best for you.

  • TDS: Total dissolved solids in terms of inorganic salts and organic matter present in water, a TDS level >300, requires a UV and RO treatment.
  • Water source: The Municipal water has a TDS around or below 500, and a normal UV water purifier will help in that, but in the case of groundwater where the TDS can be anywhere between 500 to 2000, one needs effective treatment, and a UV+RO purifier will be recommended.
  • Usage and requirement: As per that, the water pressure per gallon can be decided.

Depending upon the above kind of questions, decide the best technology that suits your needs, just some quick facts
● RO removes all the small sediments
● UV deactivates microorganisms

They together provide healthy drinkable water and safeguard your family against diseases because everything is about water, and you should not compromise your health.

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